Greenbag Day, June 21st, 2009

Division : Community Service – Joint Program

Reducing the use of plastic bag has become a worldwide effort in order to save the environment. One way to replace the daily use of plastic bag is to promote the use of environment-friendly bag, or familiarly known as ‘Green Bag’.

Rotaract Club, through the Indonesian District of 3400, has organized a program regarding to the strive to promote the use of Green Bag. With a large numbers of greenbags distributed to over 20 Rotaract clubs all over Indonesia, here we are, the Rotaractors, plunging directly into the community to try to put some special places for this environment-friendly-bag inside the mind of the society.


In the city of flowers, Bandung, the energetic Rotaractors chose the people’s Sunday market of Gasibu as the suitable venue for this awaited event. As some of you have probably known, in Bandung, every Sunday, the roads around Gasibu field are closed to give spaces for the traditional market vendors to sell their products. Therefore, hundreds of people crowd the area since early in the morning. That was the main reason of Bandung area’s three Rotaract Clubs : RAC Bandung Metro, RAC Bandung Bandung and RAC Bandung Sentral Kota Kembang in picking Gasibu Sunday Market as a target.


So, on Sunday, June 21st, 2009, starting from 7 am, the members were already gathering at Taman Lansia, a society park located next to Gasibu field. Then the crews spreaded to different locations in order to offer the greenbags to whoever seen carrying plastic bags. The work felt quite difficult at the beginning, because many people were still skeptical, ‘what’s wrong with plastic bags? I’m not using that silly little bag of yours!’, hahaha… But as RAC crews provided them with the required informations regarding the benefit of using greenbag and the harm that plastic cause to the environment, we eventually succeded to give away our last greenbag at around 9 am.

In conclusion, it was a fun day. Some of the crews commented on why we the greenbags were so few, because they started to love giving away the greenbags for free (and free lectures on how nasty the plastic bags are, LOL…). Finally, the RAC crews went home happy, and inside everyone’s mind, they were wondering when will another RAC environmental program be held again. Well, charity can always be fun! Cheers…


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