RAC Bandung Metropolitan’s BOARD EXCHANGE NIGHT

Finally…after the whole one year of working extra hard and having loads of never-ending fun (LOL), Rotaract Club of Bandung Metropolitan arrives on the day when they have to change their board structure into the new one…


This year’s Board Exchange was held on Thursday Night, July 23rd 2009, at Ciwalk XXI Garden Cafe, which is located on the rooftop of Bandung’s one most cozy place to hang out : Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk)… the event was held in form of Garden Dinner, which was filled by some introductions from the members and presentation of the upcoming board… oh, and dont forget to mention the ceremonial hand-over of the Past President to the New President…


We were also honored to have the board of Rotary Club Bandung Braga Metropolitan to attend the event…also there were guests from other Bandung Rotary Clubs and the representatives from RAC Bandung Bandung and RAC Bandung Sentral Kota Kembang…nice to have them on the joyful night for the members of RAC Bandung Metropolitan


The event was started by host PP Astri, who guided the event gradually from the introduction of the members, handover of PP Aradhea to President Libby, then continued to the official ceremonial installment of new members and the induction of the upcoming board… then eventually, the event was closed by photo sessions…


After all, please welcome the new board of RAC Bandung Metropolitan with their new tagline : “GOOD GOVERNANCE!!!”



  1. Thank you to all my new Board hopefully we can work well in the upcoming years.. and achieve the best in every step of the way.. Special thanks to Tata as the the project officer, in organizing this beautiful event! Good Job.. Remember guys.. GOOD GOVERNANCE is the key to success.. LOL!!!!

  2. Its been my pleasure Libbi to made the beautiful event for ur new board,,,,keep up the good work,,,GOOD GOVERNANCE, JEMPOOOOLLL!!!

    xoxo Rac BAndung Metropolitan… ^^

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