Metrostira Project (RAC Bandung Metro + RAC Semarang Yudistira)

Our beloved guests RAC Semarang Yudistira (RacSY) arrived in Bandung at 10 PM and we got to meet them at the mall Paris Van Java. We spent times rendez-vous-ing and sightseeing on the lovely Saturday night for about one hour, then we continued our togetherness with dinner in Cemar until it was quite late at 12 AM. After that, we escorted the RAC SY guests to their lodging so they could have some rest.

On the following day, we started the 2-hours trip to Garut. It started at 11 AM with lunch at Bancakan Restaurant and after that we picked up the other RBM members at Unpad campus on Dipatiukur Street. After a quite exhausting journey, we finally arrived in Garut at 4.30 PM. There, we spent our time by having some rest before unloading our stuffs from the car.


After dusk, we began the preparations for the most waited event, which are the movie screening. We started to put on the screen and the other equipments before the movie itself began at 7 PM. That time, we played one of the most inspiring Indonesian movies, which is LASKAR PELANGI. Unexpectedly, the kids who came to see the show came in a big number, which almost exceeded the capacity that we prepared. After the movie ended, we provided some simple quizzes to the children. The event itself was wrapped up at 10 PM.

After that we began the hospitality session, which consists of the barbeque party combined with dinner. Adding to it, we also played some exciting games to lift up the atmosphere. After 1 AM, some of us spent times karaoke-ing til dawn and the rest went for bed.


Next morning, we woke up for breakfast and prepared to go back to Bandung. We left Garut at 11 AM then arrived at Ciwalk (don’t ask why we ended up here…LOL)… After having lunch there, sadly we had to wave goodbye to our fellas because they had to leave for Semarang and we had to head to our own homes… Hopefully we can meet again in next occasions, a lot more cheerful ones, of course!!! Viva RAC!!!



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