Costume Meeting : NATIONAL HEROES

Happy Independence Day!

Dirgahayu Indonesia!!!

To commemorate the historic date of our beloved nation’s independence, RAC Bandung Metro officially brought to you :

Costume Meeting part IV : National Heroes


This meeting was held on August 20th, or 3 days after the celebration. We chose ChiliPadi Resto as the venue, well, simply because that’s where our regular meeting takes place. The theme ‘National Hero‘ was interpreted freely by each members, therefore, here are the costumes that the members put on during the cheerful evening :

–          Mario : The unawarded hero – a teacher (or was it Muhammad Hatta? Hehehe…)

–          Uti and Ilham : wounded soldiers – or should we say wounded husband and wife after an atomic bomb, LOL)

–          Achie and Tata : Susi Susanti and Mia Audina, 20 kilograms later and no regular exercise

–          Gina : Mia and Susi’s official, well, that’s a hero behind the screen, eh?

–          Rianti : R.A Kartini, completed with her Kebaya

–          Libbi, Mahir and Aan : what are guys supposed to be? Well, let’s say they tried to be heroes by being themselves

Then the polling (or voting?) was held and the result finally came, the winners are ACHIE and TATA!!!


Big Applause!!!



  1. thank you for the BIG Appalause! ^^

    • Mahir…well done!! seriuosly dunno what 2 do without u coz u always help me posting the latest news at this wordpress and to the district as well, i’ll take care the formal report 🙂 still having trouble in handling my job and classes at the same time but hopefully i could adapt soon and able to manage my time for rotaract as i used to be…again thank you for the big effort Mr. Vice President 🙂

    • oh btw, nice ass girls! heheheh

  2. hahahaha… shushi shushanthi.. kayaknya kerendem di minyak tanah ke lamaan yak… melaaaaaaaaaarrrrr… hahahahahah ^^,Vpiss

  3. wahh…..
    Kereenn kegiatannya……!!!
    ati2 ketauan susi n mia yang aseli lho…
    ntar mereka shock beraaaat….

  4. kita kesringan main di oli malahh….. jadi item gitu,…,,wkwkwkwk

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