RAC’s Disaster Relief for West Java Earthquake

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009… It was a quite beautiful blue sky Wednesday, but until the hands of clock point to 3.25 PM… At that time, the land of Java, with West Java got the biggest portion, was shaken by an earthquake. People were running around, looking for safe places. In big cities such as Jakarta and Bandung, the skyscrapers felt like they were about to crumble. But thank God, nothing happened but lots of screams and panicky…


However, the other side of fortune happened in small cities or rural villages such as Tasikmalaya, Cianjur, and some villages in rural corners of Kabupaten Bandung. Thousand of houses were wrecked and around 50 people were killed, leaving hundreds more drowned in trauma or fatal shocks. Most of the victims were losing everything they have, and the rescue teams are still trying for dead bodies buried in the ground.


Rotaract reacted toward the effect by forming an Emergency Response Team, focusing on providing aids and donation. Rotary Clubs in Bandung areas established a command centre in Marga…..village in Pangalengan, 100 km outside Bandung, and collaborated with young people of Rotaract in conducting the activity. Together with Rotaract Bandung Bandung and Rotaract Bandung Sentral Kota Kembang, Rotaract Bandung Metropolitan sent some people as the special team members.


During Sunday, September 6th, the team left for Pangalengan, bringing the loads consisting the disaster victims’ needs. The stuffs that we brought are sacks of rice, medications, baby milk and other nutritions, and several blankets to sleep. After arriving in Pangalengan, we splitted into groups to distribute the goods directly into the refugee tents. Hopefully, everything that we did can be useful for the disaster victims and help them to survive…


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