RAC Bandung Metro’s Fellowship : DUFAN TIME!

Club Service

Actually the long holiday season hasn’t come yet… but RAC Bandung Metropolitan’s crews are restless to have some fun time in a fellowship activity… that was why the club service director arranged a fellowship to Dunia Fantasi (DUFAN – Fantasy World) on Saturday, 7 December 2009…

14 members didn’t want to be left behind in participating in all the fun… they are Mahir, Achy, Mario, Rianti, Angga, Tata, Elok, Maya, Ilham, Bagus, Elok, Uti, Icha, and Gina… coordinated by Elok as the Project Officer, here are the photos from Dufan :


The members arrived at Dufan right at the time the gate was opened, which was at 11 AM… then the excited members started the day with Extreme Log, the 4D theatre… after coming out of the theatre, Hallilintar, the roller coaster, waited for them to sucked their screaming voices out… next, they tried Kicir-Kicir and last but not least, the real challenge of all, which was The Tornado…

Several members got nauseous by the rides, especially The Tornado… but it didn’t stop them from having more fun… after going back to Icha’s house in Duren Sawit, the members had a comforting dinner at Birdcage cafe, where they spend the Saturday Night together…

The next day, which was Sunday, most members had to head back to Bandung…The rest of them who worked in Jakarta, also went back to their own houses… But before afternoon, they had lunch at Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) where the second phase of the fellowship began… On the late afternoon, the cars took them back to Bandung and left them wondering when the next fellowship will be…


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  1. Wah..koq gak kabar kabari kalau ke Dufan?

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