Trip to IPTEK PUSPA Padalarang

On cloudy but cheerful day, January 17th, 2010, RAC Bandung Metropolitan hit the road toward the Center of Information and Technology Padalarang (IPTEK PUSPA). We also brought our little friends from Yayasan Ibu Aam, so they can enjoy the technology models and miniatures to increase their knowledge.

The Puspa Iptek Building is a centre for information and technology which is built as the gift from the young scientists to the society. There, people can enjoy the miniature of mechanical, electronic, audio or optical instruments used for more sophisticated matters in real life.

Our little friends, who are mostly elementary school students, really enjoy this trip as an outfield studying session. They, who do not like math, physics or science, might find bright inputs from this place.

This is such an interesting community service activity. Hopefully RBM can still return with more exciting program-trips!!!