Christmas and New Year 2010


and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!


RBM at the 4th Asian Parliamentary Assembly

International Service

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 was to be marked in history for Indonesia… it was the opening of the 4th Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA)… in Bandung, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) opened the annual meeting at the Asian-African Building… the event was also attended by APA Secretary Nejad Hosseinian,  APA President Marzuki Alie, and APA’s first President Haddad Adel…

RAC Bandung Metropolitan also participated in the event by sending several members to serve as the first line greeter… The members are Aggy, Gina, Tata, Angga, Mario, Uti, Gina and Anindita… this rare chance was not to be wasted by the participating members since they can meet a lot of people and to some unlikely things, err, such as taking pictures in front of RI 01 aka the President’s car, LOL…

last but not least, one of our lucky members got the honor to hand over the gong-beater to President SBY… the following day, she found herself on newspapers’ front pages along with the honorable APA prominent leaders… this lucky person was TATA!!!

RAC Bandung Metro’s Fellowship : DUFAN TIME!

Club Service

Actually the long holiday season hasn’t come yet… but RAC Bandung Metropolitan’s crews are restless to have some fun time in a fellowship activity… that was why the club service director arranged a fellowship to Dunia Fantasi (DUFAN – Fantasy World) on Saturday, 7 December 2009…

14 members didn’t want to be left behind in participating in all the fun… they are Mahir, Achy, Mario, Rianti, Angga, Tata, Elok, Maya, Ilham, Bagus, Elok, Uti, Icha, and Gina… coordinated by Elok as the Project Officer, here are the photos from Dufan :


The members arrived at Dufan right at the time the gate was opened, which was at 11 AM… then the excited members started the day with Extreme Log, the 4D theatre… after coming out of the theatre, Hallilintar, the roller coaster, waited for them to sucked their screaming voices out… next, they tried Kicir-Kicir and last but not least, the real challenge of all, which was The Tornado…

Several members got nauseous by the rides, especially The Tornado… but it didn’t stop them from having more fun… after going back to Icha’s house in Duren Sawit, the members had a comforting dinner at Birdcage cafe, where they spend the Saturday Night together…

The next day, which was Sunday, most members had to head back to Bandung…The rest of them who worked in Jakarta, also went back to their own houses… But before afternoon, they had lunch at Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) where the second phase of the fellowship began… On the late afternoon, the cars took them back to Bandung and left them wondering when the next fellowship will be…

Costume Meeting : HALLOWEEN

RAC Bandung Metropolitan presents :



The members were obliged to wear horrifying costumes for the meeting on November 5th, 2009…

Then the members appeared as :

– Uti as Mak Lampir (THE WINNER!)


– Gina as The Lady Vampire

– President Libbi as Jihad Warrior (soon-to-be Ghost after suicide-bombing himself, hahahaha)

– Mario and Ola as Ghost Riders couple (cie, cieee…)

– Tata as Slutty Minnie Mouse (wakakakak)

– Angga as V for Vendetta

– Elok as Catwoman

– Aggy as a dead woman in I Know What You Did Last Summer (huahahahaha…)


as you all probably know, this innovative session of meetings is intended as a club service program and held once in 3 months…

during this meeting, there were also several guests, whom we invited to increase the new members…

RAC Bandung Metro’s On Air for Sumpah Pemuda : Hard Rock FM


On Wednesday, October 28th, RAC Bandung Metropolitan was invited to be interviewed on-air by Hard Rock FM Bandung…

During that day, Hard Rock FM invited various community clubs in spirit of Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda) 2009… RAC Bandung Metro was represented by Mahir as the VP and Desti (Uti) as Community Service…

There were also Donny and Astri from RAC Bandung Bandung… together with them, we talked about Rotaract’s activities in general… It was quite good for Rotaract branding…

For RAC Bandung Metro, it was the second branding to society this year…The first one was RAC Bandung Metro on Suave Magazine earlier this year…


Professional Development’s Special Guest : The Rise and Fall of an Entrepreneur

Professional Development

On Thursday, October 22nd, RAC Bandung Metropolitan had the regular meeting at the regular place, Chili Padi Resto on Jalan Cihampelas… however, the occasion became special because we had a special guest speaker who gave us a very important lesson and knowledge in agricultural and entrepreneurial aspects…


Kang Bimo, the guest speaker, is one of the founders of PT. Inagrin (Indonesia Agro Industry)… his company focuses in agriculture, more specifically on how to plant some plants or vegetables and distribute them on the market… some of the products are corn, lettuce, other vegetables, and some animals such as ducks…

it was also a good entrepreneurial lesson session since he shared us his rise and fall when he started the business from the first time, without knowing anything related to agriculture… but with strong belief and courage that his business will do great benefits for the society in the future, now his business is still moving and growing broader every day…

thanks to Kang Bimo, may success always be with him and hopefully RAC members can be like him once… Amen

RAC Bandung Metropolitan’s Series of Ramadan Events

Community Service

Minal aidin wal faidzin…!

The holy month of Ramadhan has just left us… now all members of RAC Bandung Metropolitan are probably spending times with beloved families and relatives… but did u know that during Ramadan, RAC Bandung Metropolitan has made remarkable efforts in serving the community? Well, here it is, a report which is probably suitable to be called, RAC Bandung Metropolitan’s Series of Ramadan events

Unlike the previous years, RAC Bandung Metro did not only fill Ramadan with one or two events, but there are several simultaneous events distributed evenly I 4 weeks of Ramadan!!! The events are:

1. Teaching program

The Project Officers for this event were Rtr. Anki and Rtr.Bagus… We made a schedule to teach the children at Yayasan Ibu Aam, a charity foundation focusing in taking care of Orphanage and under-poverty children… This program is conducted 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting from August 24th to September 12th… There, we helped the children studying mathematics and English…


2. Aids to Earthquake Victims

No one expects disaster to ever happen in this lovely country, but a terrible earthquake unfortunately happened on September 2nd, 2009 in most regions of West Java… RAC Bandung Metro reacted to it, by sending aids and some members to assist the victims in Pangalengan… the aids consisted of food supplies, baby and maternal nutritions, medical utensils, blankets and pillows, etc.

3.First Buka Puasa Bersama

This one was actually VP Mahir’s events at his boarding house… He invited 80 children from 3 different foster homes and organized a merry events (such as games) during the Buka Puasa events… several of RAC Bandung Metro’s members were also involved in setting and helping up the events…It was held on September 5th, 2009…

4. Second Buka Puasa Bersama

The second one was held a week after, on September 12th… It was meant as a closing event for the one-month teaching program… this one is an official RBM program, and the event consisted of playing games, Buka Puasa, Magrib pray, then closing speech by President Libbi and Mrs. Meiti as the caretaker of the foster homes


5. Sahur on the Road

The last event was sahur on the road which was held the dawn after… At 12 to 3 AM on September 13th, the members of RAC Bandung Metro splitted up to distribute sahur meals to the needy people around streets of Bandung…


Well, now Ramadan has left us… We’re better ready to catch it next year…but for all the things we did in this year’s Ramadan, we have nothing else to say…we, all members of RAC Bandung Metro, only hope that the Mighty God will bless all our efforts and wipe away our sins…

Eid Mubarak 1430 H!!!

Minal Aidin wal faidzin!!!