2010 Board Exchange and Buka Puasa

After waiting for quite a while, then finally RAC Bandung Metropolitan had their ceremonial event in handing over the presidency. It was the exchange between PP Libbi’s board to President Tanti.

The event was held on Sunday, August 29th, 2010, at Maja House, a nice resto over the hill of Lembang.The event was also combined with Buka Puasa Bersama and member gathering.

This event also marked the new spirit of President Tanti and VP Mario’s 2010-2011 board by having a full agenda of projects.

Then we’ll wait and see. But for now, let’s congratulate the new board for 2010-2011!


Libbi-Aggy Wedding: The RBM Sweethearts

this is it, the moment finally came:

RAC Bandung Metropolitan Sweethearts, Libbi Girindrawardhana (President) and Aggy Rachmawaty (Secretary) had their too-good-to-be-true wedding on July 17th, 2010 at Pusdai, Bandung

Perhaps the merriness of the wedding will be told more by photos. Meanwhile, let’s congratulate the blissful couple!

Full Members Quick Look

It is now approaching July 2010. It means that the RAC Bandung Metropolitan board of 2009-2010 is about to end. Meanwhile, let’s have a brief flashback again to the people in Board 2009-2010:

RCOT Update with the DRR

Unlike last year (2009), RAC Bandung Metropolitan didn’t attend RCOT-RDC this year (2010). This means that no RBM represetative went to the Rotaract biggest event. To keep RAC Bandung Metropolitan updated, District Rotaract Representative (DRR) of RAC D-3400, 2010-2011, Indra Diwangkara, came to Bandung to give us some socialization.

Indra came with DRR 2009-2010, Budi Wibowo and Rtr. Meiliana from RAC Jakarta Sentral. We then had some kind of little meeting to host them. The meeting took place at Kafe Asix, Buah Batu on Saturday, May 29th, 2010.

The member then were having a presentation along with lunch. The presentation mainly talked about several changes in the RAC program in the future. Thanks for DRR Indra for having this nice session with us! 🙂

Garage Sale April

RAC Bandung Metropolitan strikes back!

On Sunday, April 4th, the members are gathering again, in the same place, to have a garage sale. This garage sale sells fashionable used clothes which used to belong to the members of Bandung Metro. The result will be donated to Rotaract Club End Polio Program.

So, during the day, Libbi, Aggy, Aradhea, Mario, Ilham, Uti, Minerva, Gina, and three guests successfully gathered 1,4 million Rupiahs. The money will be donated soon, and hopefully can be useful to support the polio program.

Trip to IPTEK PUSPA Padalarang

On cloudy but cheerful day, January 17th, 2010, RAC Bandung Metropolitan hit the road toward the Center of Information and Technology Padalarang (IPTEK PUSPA). We also brought our little friends from Yayasan Ibu Aam, so they can enjoy the technology models and miniatures to increase their knowledge.

The Puspa Iptek Building is a centre for information and technology which is built as the gift from the young scientists to the society. There, people can enjoy the miniature of mechanical, electronic, audio or optical instruments used for more sophisticated matters in real life.

Our little friends, who are mostly elementary school students, really enjoy this trip as an outfield studying session. They, who do not like math, physics or science, might find bright inputs from this place.

This is such an interesting community service activity. Hopefully RBM can still return with more exciting program-trips!!!

Happy News

The whole RAC Bandung Metropolitan family would like to congratulate :


Hope you’ll have a wonderful married life, Maya!